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Professor Emeritus in Seismology, University of Athens, Greece
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Konstantinos Makropoulos holds the position of Emeritus Professor in the University of Athens, where he has served for 42 years. He has been President of the Faculty of Geology and Geoenvironment, Dean of the School of Sciences and Director of the Institute of Geodynamics of the National Observatory of Athens. He has also served as President of the Earthquake Planning and Protection Organization (E.P.P.O.), President of the European Centre on Prevention and Forecasting of Earthquakes and President of the Administration Board of the School of Pedagogical and Technological Education (A.S.P.E.T.E.). He was a member of the National Council of Research and Technology (E.S.E.T.) and of the T.E.S. of Environment and Renewable Energy during the period 2004-2007, National Representative to the Council of Europe on Higher Educational Institutes (Universities) issues (CC-PU), Representative of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in international missions in the Mediterranean countries to evaluate their seismological infrastructure and Head of the Greek delegation to the UNDP initiative for the cooperation of 18 Mediterranean countries on seismic risk reduction in the Mediterranean. He acted for twelve years (1990-2002) as Chairman of the sub-commission  A’ : Seismicity, of the European Seismological Commission. He is currently President of the Permanent Scientific Committee on Evaluation of the Short-Term Seismicity Evolution. Konstantinos Makropoulos obtained his Bachelor in Physics from the University of Athens and his PhD in Seismology from the University of Edinburgh, UK. He has published more than 320 original scientific papers in international journals and proceedings of international conferences and his work has been internationally cited by more than 2600 scientific publications (full list of publications and citations).


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